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Overview Azerbaijan vacation

Geography and Politics:

Azerbaijan is a national state and lies between the Caucasus and the Caspian Sea. Their Reiseland is bordered by five countries: Russia to the north, Georgia to the north, Iran to the south, Armenia to Turkey to the west, Azerbaijan with a 13km section of the Azerbaijan enclave. Azerbaijan has a total area of ​​86,600 km². The capital of the country is Baku, which is also the lowest capital of the world. For your trip to Azerbaijan you need to prepare for a time shift of + 3 hrs. Germany is one of the most important Western European partners of Azerbaijan, and for Germany, Azerbaijan is the most important partner in the Caucasus.

Climate, flora and fauna:

On a single Azerbaijan round trip you can experience many climates. In the Kura plain, semi-desert and steppe climbs dominate with an annual rainfall of 200-300 mm. On the coast of Azerbaijan, on the other hand, there is a humid tropical climate, and in the mountains there is an icy climate. The average annual temperature of Azerbaijan is 13.1 ° C. Azerbaijan is generally traversed by arable land to 50%, to 11.5% of forest and 1.6% of water. The unique climate of Azerbaijan allows a variety of flora and fauna, which will make your study trip a special experience! Approximately 4,200 plants occur here and about 10% of the plants are endemic (only to be found here). In the mountains and in the steppes one finds mainly small plants and grasses, while while hiking in the lower country of Azerbaijan meets on oaks, beeches, pines and chestnuts. In subtropical regions of Azerbaijan, among other things, olive trees are found. Many impressive creatures are at home in Azerbaijan. If you are lucky, you will encounter leopard, head gazelle, pink flamingo, bear, wolves, chamois, deer, porcupine, jackals, hyenas and Zeburinder on your trip to Azerbaijan. Her Reiseland Azerbaijan is home to a total of 18,000 species, of which 102 are mammals. The Caspian Sea is also bursting with diversity. It houses herring, sprats, sturgeon, but also the endemic Caspian seal.

2. Get to know the people on Azerbaijani tours

Religion and Culture:

The population of Azerbaijan is 9.48 million. More than half of the population lives in cities. In the capital city Baku itself live about 3 million inhabitants. 90% of the population of Azerbaijan is part of the Aseris (Turk), the remaining 10% are minorities (Russians, Avars, Kurds and Armenians). The religion of Azerbaijan is mainly Islam. Of these, 38% are Shiites, 14% are Sunni, 45% are generally Muslims. But you will also encounter Jewish and Christianity on your Azerbaijani study trip. The country language is Azerbaijani (Turkic), and Latin is used as the script. Russian, on the other hand, will come to your ears on your journey to Azerbaijan.

To eat and drink:

The kebab plays an important role in Azerbaijan. It will be offered to you during your travels on any occasion and in various variations – either with vegetables and potatoes or with mutton, chicken or beef. Salads, cheese and yoghurt also rank among the culinary standards in Azerbaijan. A typical main course is piti soup (with mutton, peas, cherry plums and saffron juice). Desserts include sweet pastries. The main drink of the country is tea. He is drunk to everything. The so-called “Scherbetts” (juices with pomegranate, saffron or mint), which you should definitely taste during an Azerbaijan trip! Recommended alcoholic beverages are Xirdalan (beer) and Cabernet Savignon from Gence. Payment for your round trip through Azerbaijan is available as the national currency of Azerbaijan-Manat.Service for your Azerbaijan trip

3. Travel and security regulations:

A passport and a visa are required to enter Azerbaijan. The travel documents must be valid for three months beyond the end of the trip. It is also recommended to carry a photo-passport in Azerbaijan, as the Azerbaijani police occasionally carry out checkout checks. Customs regulations: When entering and leaving Azerbaijan, customs declarations must be completed. The forms are available in the airport reception area as far as they are not distributed in the aircraft. In addition, items weighing more than 50 kg and worth more than 1000 US $ must be declared (1.5% inches).

Adequate vaccination protection is recommended before entering the country. This includes vaccinations against polio, tetanus, diphtheria and hepatitis A. Caution is in Azerbaijan

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